Internet Banking
i-bank Registration
Complete the registration form that available on closest Bank Sinarmas branches and complete the terms and conditions below:
For Individual:
Process Registration internet banking for individual customer can directly via ATM
  • Come to ATM Bank Sinarmas
  • Enter your ATM card, Select Language, Enter your PIN ATM Bank Sinarmas
  • Select menu "Other"
  • Select menu "Registration I-bank"
  • Enter your ATM PIN
  • Enter your new registration Internet banking PIN (6 digits)
  • Re-Enter your new registration Internet banking PIN (6 digits)
  • Perfom confirmation of successful screen
  • Registration Success, take struk registration and atm card
  • at a struk printed activation code : ACT-*************
After all individual customer can activation internet banking via i-bank Sinarmas ( with terms they have still active account email
For Corporate :
Process Registration internet banking for Corporate customer must fill in the submission form internet banking in bank sinarmas there are:
  • Power of attorney from the authorised official (appropriate sign that was valid to the cheque/giro) for the i-bank Service operation i the bank;
  • Copy of owner Identity card ( KTP) & and the one who have the power of attorney;
  • Copy of Foundation certificate;
  • Copy of CIF or R/K;
  • owned valid email address, write correctly and clearly.

After all data were complete and correct the customer will get the PIN mailer that contained password to do the activetion and Token will active after 1 x 24 hour, after the customer registered the Internet Banking.

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